How can you make your video more accessible?

Videos cannot be accessed inherently. It is a matter that is true in case of a YouTube channel and videographer also. Responsibility of the web designer is to make sure that the website can be accessed by the visitor completely.
Using video, different purposes can be served. It can be utilized to give information about the company founder or walk through about a solution. Unique welcome can be offered to the customers with the process too. Through a video on the product, better information about your inventory can be offered. Decision making process for the visitor may become easy as a result. Background video can be good choice in comparison to the static video. It is possible to offer a blog post video as well. Nature of consuming content may become interesting in this way too.
Due to presence of video content, improvement in the website ranking can be observed. In the end, designer must try to make the content accessible to as much people as possible.

Best Practices of Video Accessibility must be practiced

In order to make the video accessible to the visitors, you need to find solution to the problems such as:
• Content must be enabled to be consumed in full
• Content play must be controlled easily
For the visitors with the aural and visual impairment, it is important. Visitor with situational limitation can be benefitted at the same time.

Disabling Loop and Auto-Play Option

For the video only, visitor may not come to your website. Therefore, the video should not be played automatically. In case of visually impaired person, it may be hard to find the disable video option. Before publishing the video, auto-loop and auto-play option should be disabled due to this reason.

Enabling the Caption

Through the caption, script inside can be read easily that is within the video. Similar to a movie, synchronized annotations can appear on the screen as soon as it is heard. Title and chapter can be included on the occasion also. Lyrics can be played in the background. Sound of the ambience can be noted down as well.
Two kinds of captions are available. They are closed captions and closed captions. In case of open captions, it may be displayed as the visitor clicks on the play button. However, closed captions have to be turned on by the visitor.

Add Subtitles

In addition to the captions, subtitles must be added also.

Add Audio Description If Required

Through the subtitles and caption, audio is generally captured. However, things happening on the screen may not be described on the occasion. So, visually impaired may face some difficulty to understand about it properly. By adding the audio descriptions, video can be complemented further.

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