Best Practices for Instagram Live

Relationship with your audience especially followers can be strengthened further with the help of Instagram Live. Behind the scenes of a brand can be showcased with the process. Lots of money may not be required to use this content creation strategy effectively.
By Instagram, benefits are offered to the brands that use all of their features effectively. Therefore, chances of success can be enhanced further with the use feed post, reel, Instagram live and also story together.
Saving the content of Instagram Live, it can be used as content for the IGTV also. Following to the filming of content for live, you can save the content from the top right hand corner. Later on, it can be uploaded to IGTV.
Best Practices

Your Account should be public
For the brand, it is never ideal to have a private account. However, brand account can be made private in rare cases only. It is better to use a public account as it may help the content to reach maximum number of people.
Keep the Phone in vertical position
Entire screen can be covered during the live stream in this way. The audience may able to follow you easily also.
Look at the Lighting
In case of Instagram Live, lighting definitely plays an important role. By using the ring light, you may able to offer best possible view. It is better to look after the issues like dark lighting and glare also.
Use a Phone Stand or Tripod
During a long Instagram Live Session, it is impossible to hold your phone in the hand constantly. Therefore, you must buy phone stand. In this way, you can concentrate on the video content more. Engagement with the live audience can be enhanced too.
Look and Sound Good

By making an investment on a good microphone, you can send message clearly. Rode microphone is quite good for creating amazing live videos. Great results can be obtained with the Airpods also. It is especially effective if you are moving around while making the video.
Now, you should be aware on how to use Instagram Live Session for the benefit of your brand. The video should be a part of permanent marketing strategy. Different methods can be tried in order to see which one works best for you and your brand. It is better to be comfortable with diverse video features while launching a campaign. Creative side can be showcased through the brand easily.
How to know about a successful Instagram Live Session?

As far as metric screen is concerned, limited support is offered with the Instagram Live. Therefore, it is better to keep a track on the number of viewers. It is better to hire an assistant or a team in order to look at the metrics properly. Following to the wrap up of the live session, you may able to get the total count of viewers. However, the numbers are not saved. Number of viewers usually depends on the present followers count. Instagram is a new form of content creation. Therefore, it is better not to look at the ROI at the very beginning.

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