Is rebranding of Twitter an idea towards the future of design?

Through rebranding of design, Twitter has disrupted its balance a bit. Living and breathing conversation are expected to be reflected upon with the design. Bird vector has been retained. However, change in the background can be observed. Instead of using a flat blue background, a grunge element has been added with the collage canvas that includes words and faces.
Users are taken as the inspiration behind the look. Diverse issues have rocked the world of Twitter this year. Important discussions have taken place within the platform of Twitter. The look has a messy texture. However, it may be an apt choice at the same time. In case you are trying to rebrand then it is always better to play around with the designs.

CMO of Twitter, Leslie Berland has said that substantial rebranding has been done in order to reflect upon the use of the site. Following to the announcement about the rebranding of site through the platform, it is later confirmed with the blog also.
Visual identity of Twitter is going to showcase fluidity, complexity and importance of conversation in current times. Logo mark of recognizable bird stays in addition to inoffensive tech blue. However, everything has been made a little grunge.
Instead of building a system with individual components or specific element, Twitter has decided to utilize a design system of creative nature that may not be perfect.

Customized typeface of the brand is called ‘Chirp’ that has been designed in collaboration with the Grill Type. Both grotesque and gothic feature has been utilized in combination to hipster quirks. In this way, corporate Helvetica has been replaced.
One of the most visually attractive elements is collages that have been inspired from print. There are also distress marks and faux-print effects. Twitter is definitely moving away from the minimalistic style that is safe and dominated the industry for years.
Bill poster layers can be seen that can be torn off to reveal the text underneath. People’s macroscopic view can be represented in the process. Overall, the designs seem effortless cool.
For a user, it is definitely exciting to see how a major brand is going towards a new direction. Designs are not derived from Google on the occasion. Lots of energy has been infused within the artwork. However, it is surface restyling whereas the core of brand remains the same.

So, is this future of design in coming years? Designs are irreverent, braver and less corporate in terms of style.
Twitter is making a statement with the design. It seems that they have been taking a leap from the minimalist design to an ultra modern, artistic and grungy. Brand has established its ownership within the social sphere. It has been a challenge for the brand definitely. Instead of being a black canvas that is dependent on the user’s action, Twitter has become a user of the platform also.
Honest designs are utilized that respects the brand at the same time. It has brought a punch to the flat design definitely.

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