Facebook Users can limit the comment for their post now

Facebook has offering the user a chance to improve control over the site. Change can be noticed with the comment post and news feed. Due to the update, user may able to do following things now.
User can decide who can and cannot comment over their post
News feed can be filtered to obtain more useful content
Knowledge can be gained on why a certain post is showing on your news feed

Restricting comment on the post

In case of a public post, comment can be restricted from other users. It can be done based on the individual post or an account as whole.
Users may able to select the users that may be allowed to comment on the post. On the occasion, you may able to see options like
Pages and People mentioned

Through an adjustment of the commenting audience, you may able to control how a person can be invited for a conversation within this public post. Unwanted interactions can be limited on the occasion also. In case of a public figure, brand or creator, comment can be limited on the public post to stay safe. In this way, you can enjoy an engaging and meaningful conversation also.
By using the following steps, comments can be restricted on the public post
Click on the three dot menu that is placed right hand of the particular post.
Here, you must click on the ‘who can comment in your post?’ option
Now, you must select one according to your preference that generally falls under the option mentioned above.
In case a person or page is viewing your post that is not part of your preferred commenting audience then comment option may not be seen on the post.

News Feed Filter

News Feed filters is made more prominent by Facebook to offer more control to the users. It may give the user power to decide what they can see as they open the Facebook app or website.
From the new menu over the news feed named Feed Filter Bar, quick access can be offered to the ‘Most Recent’ as well as ‘Favorites’.

Favorite Filter

Through use of favorite filter, content can be prioritized by the users. On the occasion, content can be chosen from hand-picked pages and profiles. Algorithmic news feed is going to be higher from these pages and profiles. These news feed can be seen on their own as well.
For managing the favorites, you have to click on the down arrow that is placed top right part of Facebook. From Settings & Privacy, you have to click on the news feed preference and manage favorites subsequently. Now, you can select the favorite pages and profile by clicking on the star close to it.
Entire group cannot be added to the favorites

Most Recent Filters

Most Recent Filter enables the Facebook users to change to the reversed chronological news feed instead of news feed based on algorithmic rank. Now, android users can use the feature. In the coming weeks, the feature can be found in iOS app also.

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