PPC Myths that you need to forget about

Paid search is part of the search engine for a long time. There are certain myths that have been rooted in our brain and it is hampering the channel also. Due to these myths, advertisers may have been using the PPC channel in a wrong way. As a result, you marketing may suffer very badly. PPC has earned a bad reputation for these reasons also.
Now, let’s dismiss these myths and utilize PPC effectively.

Myth# 1: Paid search is not effective if process of decision making is emotional and long

In case your PPC campaign has not been working at all then you may need to introspect it thoroughly. On the occasion, problem may lie on the marketing strategy instead of PPC channel.
If you are asked fill up a form instantly before taking an emotional decision then it may not work. Such decisions may not be taken quickly even if the ad is well constructed. However, PPC certainly has a role to play here.
Readers can be targeted and directed to the related blogs and articles. If a reader has been looking for information then remarketing can be done through these ads.
Completing an application in one go with the PPC ads is bit ambitious. Instead, you can ask to sign up to get more information on the subject. It is better use PPC as a part of extensive marketing strategy.
Poor use of marketing initiative may not able to deliver results in case of PPC or other campaigns.

Myth #2: Paid Search can ensure top rank in SERPs in short time

Startups often use PPC marketing in order to reach at the top of search engine marketing page. Use of paid search is noticed as SEO of the startups may not be strong.
In case of a product launch, similar method is utilized also. It is possible to use PPC to get rank on the front page of search engine some time. However, there is also some flaw in this sort of thinking.
Top rank is not guaranteed by SEO even if the strategy is excellent. Some clients may not be able to reach even the first page while working with the best agencies.

If you manage to obtain a spot on first page then your stay at the same spot is not guaranteed. In case Google adjusts their algorithm then you may be shoved behind overnight. For the best possible result, it is better use SEO and PPC in combination. There is no need to prefer one from another.
Through PPC, valuable leads can be led to the website. Following to further research, a user may decide to purchase a product later. If a brand becomes popular then search ads may not be required anymore. However, it is better to continue with your marketing effort combing PPC and SEO until the status is reached.

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