Why Should You Use Visual Content for PDF Marketing?

Importance of PDF marketing is increasing as it transforms readers into buyers reliably. Marketing material can be improved further through choice of images strategically. If you manage to add effective images to your PDF marketing then it can become you asset and help to enhance your sales.
Scientists have found out that images have more power to create an impact on the mind of people than words. It is believed to be a survival feature of evolutionary nature. Through research, it has been seen also that images are an effective marketing to communicate message.
It is really surprising to know that image is processed in the brain much faster. In the memory, it usually stays for a long time as well.

Why should you add images in PDF?

1. Emotional Engagement

For engaging the readers, images play an important role. It is believed that the mood of the reader can be affected by these pictures too. Here, emotional influence of the image helps to deliver the marketing message easily. One of the advantages of engaging the readers emotionally is that attention can be held for longer amount of time. Through the images, more vibrant and lively atmosphere can be created. As a result, it becomes easier to convince the reader.

2. Reducing Fatigue

If there is lot of text in the page then it may look a little intimidating. If the potential client is interested and motivated to know about your product and decide whether it is a good fit or not even then reading so much of content may look like a hard chore.
Break from the monotony of a textual page can be obtained through images. Same time, marketing message is communicated. Therefore, several images are often included in between the text. Images also offer a positive message to influence sales.

3. Easily Remembered

Mind has an incredible power to recall an image. Instead of text, images may able to stick longer. Emotion and message can be delivered without any hassle. Through multiple experiments, it has been discovered that 2000 images can be remembered by a person with almost 90% accuracy. In case of an image that may be seen for a brief moment of time, it is true also.
Through neuromaping of the brain, it has been found out that the space used to store images are directly connected to the memory. Therefore, recalling an image is generally easier than text.

4. Visual Communication with graph

As discussed earlier, visual representations are always processed quicker and stay in the memory longer. On the occasion, a remarkable speed can be observed with the processing of image. If a text takes 20 seconds to communicate a message then the same message can be delivered in mere milliseconds with the help of image. Concept can be identified in better manner through the image too.
Through use of graph and other visualization tools, marketer can communicate the concept via visual stimulation.
From the above instances, it is quite clear that using image for PDF marketing is an excellent strategy to ensure success. Sales can be enhanced and positive influences can be created.

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