What do optimized web stories mean for Google?

Recently, focus is given upon the SEO of web stories and its performance has been tracked within the search. Developer Relations Engineer of Google named Pascal Birchler has talked about the web stories during a discussion. It is also discussed how a web story should be created or an ad can be inserted within the web stories.

SEO for Google Web Stories

For a web stories to be indexed by Google, it should be optimized properly similar to any content. SEO practices applicable for the web pages are effective in case of web stories also. However, few more requirements have to be fulfilled in case of web stories. On the occasion, site creator has to include meta data such as publisher logo and poster image. Taking advantage from the meta data that are story specific, optimization can be done for the web stories.
If the web stories are properly optimized then it can appear all across Google. It can be seen through the Discover, Search and also Images.
In the search result, a web story can appear as a single search result or like a visual carousel while showcasing different web stories.
For example, if you search for ‘Things to do in New York’ then a grid view may be showcased with the web stories from different publishers
In order to make an appearance with the web stories, some guidelines have to be followed. If web stories are created while abiding all the rules then it may have a chance to appear in different places within the platform of Google.
One of the most important things to have for an indexing by Google and optimization is AMP code. If there is a valid AMP code then diverse amp specification is possible.
Due to a valid AMP markup, it becomes possible to serve web stories to Google through AMP cache. In this way, faster performance as well as best experience can be offered to the users also.

Performance of Web Stories

For improving and measuring performance of the web stories, site owner can look through Search Console. In this way, better ranking can be achieved in the Google Search and Discover easily. Better understanding about the content optimization can be achieved with the process also.
Traffic can be analyzed through diverse kinds of reports and tools with the Search Console. Potential issues can be fixed in order to make the web stories stand out within the Google search result.
In case impression for the web stories are not showcased through the Google Search Console then a testing tool can be utilized in order to fulfill all the requirements. Due to presence of the testing tool, site owner may able to see how the web story may look within the search engine. Looking at the preview, site owner may able to decide whether web stories require more tweaking or not.
Following to the publication and validation of the web series, interaction with the viewers can be measured through Google Analytics.
Different kinds of metrics can be tracked by Google Analytics like how much time is spent by the viewer with the web story or whether they are clicking on any additional links. Using the data, further optimization of the web stories can be done.

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