Ways for Optimizing Google’s Top Products Carousels

During a product search, you may come across top product carousel in Google. In addition to the desktop, mobile version of the product carousel looks pretty cool. On the occasion, valuable review is often delivered to the users also. There is no need to go for intense search anymore as the product carousel offers you the best according to the type.
For an ecommerce owner, it is always great to obtain some organic conversion at free of cost. Therefore, it is better to learn about top product carousel or TPC a bit.

Feature of Google’s Top Product Carousel

Three product cards are generally seen with the top product carousel. Following elements are seen on the occasion
Product image and name is linked with the website page
Rating for the product is displayed. Different sources can be utilized by TPC
Rating is approximate in some cases
Keywords and product features are mentioned
Review card can be scrolled horizontally along with diverse kinds of data from various reviews sources.

How to optimize the Top Product Carousel

Optimization for TPC may not be very different from specific product query. Different elements are included in the TPC. Therefore, you have to ensure that all those details are present in your optimization page.

Look for keywords that follow the module: SERP scrapping tools has not been reporting about this feature yet. However, it is expected to be included soon.

Internal link should be attached to products that are listed on the website: In this way, users can start the search for the products easily.

Click on the product and know what is present in the product SERPs: On the occasion, combination of review sites can be observed in addition to Google My Business Listing, ecommerce sites and review videos.

Start looking at the strategy of product review

To be considered as the trusted source of review by Google, following measures are recommended.
Have a steady flow of customer reviews about the products
Editorial reviews can be written on this product. Best page can be created with the key product according to its category. Best sellers can be added to the list.
Review should come with markup and structured data
Credible third party can be attached with the review editorial content within your site similar to Google.
By thinking out of the box from SERP feature box, great content can be created in other transactional site within the SERPs.

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