UX Design is not just for your website

Most of the people associate the website with the user experience. However, it can easily go beyond the website quite naturally. In order to interact with the consumer, a brand requires doing so much more than communicating through the website.
In case of an ecommerce website, a confirmation mail may be sent to the customer following to a purchase. Later on, mail may be sent after the package is shipped to the location. In addition, there can be sms notification after the package is delivered also.

All the above things can be looked as an extension to the user experience. If there is any issue on the way then both trust and happiness can be ruined.
So, here are few places where the UX can extend itself apart from the website. In this way, a frictionless experience can be ensured. Relationship between the brand and customer may not be tarnished at all.
Extension of UX Design from Website
Web designer may think that user experience is not their responsibilities. You may not be wrong at all.
For the brands to become successful, it is important for them to look at the bigger picture. It is important to ensure that the user experience is completely flawless. It should not matter whether you are close or far from the location of the brand while using the website. UX research and strategy should be shared with the client and it can be utilized in diverse areas of business as well.

Mobile App

Most of the websites come with the mobile app now-a-days. Layout for both website and mobile app may not have to be the same. Different kind of behavior can be observed from the customer while using the mobile app in comparison to the desktop.
On the other hand, an app should not oblige the user to accustom with the desktop experience. It may not be ideal for the customer to learn the process of navigation and engagement again. Therefore UI design, navigation, security and speed should be developed on the basis of usability and industry norms.


Direction connection to the website is generally offered by most of the websites. In addition, confirmation mails after purchase, blogs, newsletter and lead generation is started from the website also.
Customers generally wait for a mail from the brand after they have shared their email address with the brand on their website. However, if there is something wrong with the mode of connection then bond of trust may be broken completely.
To ensure goof UX, the email should contain the following
Visual style and branding should be same as the site
Greetings, subject lines and offers should be personalized.
Message should be consistent especially it is connected to CTA.

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