Using lead generation strategies to boost results with link building

Is your link building campaign effective? Most of the people may think that they can do much better in this matter. Requirement of links is felt by everyone. However, it is becoming harder to obtain link with each passing day. So, what can be the solution? According to the expert, change in the mindset regarding link building is keys to the success here.

Similarity between lead building and lead generation

Sales are the only goal when it comes to marketing and strategies related to it. By focusing on this goal solely, business owners may not able to achieve a lot. Customers generally look at eight points before making a decision about the purchase. If you look at the final sales only then you may miss out on driving the customers towards the purchase of the product.

Instead of final sales, marketers must give importance to the secondary metrics to fill the distance from a stranger to a buyer. The word ‘lead’ refers to a potential or future customer. Distance between the strangers to lead is less than a stranger to a buyer. By turning a visitor to a lead, personalized and meaningful messages can be delivered to them.

How it is connected to link building?

In case of link building, requirement of link is felt only. However, effects of link building process may become limited if focus is on the final sales process only. Several touchpoints can be noticed with link building through publishers, bloggers and publishers. Through use of lead generation process for the link building, excellent results can be obtained. Lead may grow further as a result.

How to use lead generation process for link building

Defining linking lead before content creation

In case of B2B marketing, data strategy is created based on the preferred outcome. Before developing content, marketers may be aware of desired outcome completely. However, application of this strategy is rarely seen for link building. Generally, content team creates a good quality content. Later on, marketers try to locate website owners that may be interested in this content asset. Processes are mostly done in isolation.

By turning around the process, some changes may be seen in its outcome also.

• Marketers may highlight the content that has been attracting links. Later on, content creator can use this information for the purpose of research further.

• Through collaboration between content team and marketing team, better content can be created about trending topics.

• Marketing team delivers the content to the prospective customers that are identified previously.

According to the opportunities of link building, assets that can be linked easily must be created. It is important to see whether an article fits the category. Experts and influencer can be reached for link building. From friends and peers, links can be obtained also. Both editors and authors of popular blogs can be asked for quote that can be included with the article later on.

Linking leads Organization

Leads must be warmed up in order to take them towards the sales. On the occasion, more links can be obtained by reminding the leads about your assets.

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