User can monetize tweets now with ‘Super Follow’

Recently, Twitter has introduced a new feature called ‘Super Follow’. Due to presence of this feature, users may have to pay a monthly subscription in order to get premium content.
On the Analyst Day, the new feature has been launched. Some more features are expected to be introduced in coming days also. Hints about these features have been offered also. The event has been organized especially for the investors. Three goals for long terms have been revealed at the time too.
Here are some highlights

Super Follow – How to Monetize Tweets

Soon, the user may able to get money for their tweets through Super Follow feature of Twitter. By paying monthly fees, content creator of your choice can be followed. On the occasion some additional benefits can be obtained too. They are:
Newsletter for Subscriber
Supporter Badge
Discounts and Deals
Exclusive Content
Community Access
From the side of Twitter, it is the first feature for which you may need to pay. It is possible to get the money directly from the followers.
So, popular content creators may able to earn money from Twitter in coming days. For the journalists, publications and reporters, Super Follow can turn out to be a valuable feature. Twitter has been working on it for a long time. Now, they have come across an end result.

Twitter Communities

Early look of an upcoming features has been offered on the Analyst Day also which is quite similar to Facebook Groups.
According to the screenshot shared by the attendees in the event, it is expected to be a feature that allows the user to speak about a centralized subject. Following to the composition of the Tweet, users may be allowed to share the content within the communities that that they have been a part of so far.
Further details about the feature such as Communities and Super Follow have not been revealed yet publicly.

Long Term Goal of Twitter

Three company goals for long term have been listed by Twitter at the event that they will be trying to achieve by 2023.
Speed of development has to be doubled to achieve goals by the end of 2023. Feature numbers must be doubled due to this reason. It may help to drive the revenue and mDAU.
mDAU of 315 million has to be reached within Q4 of 2023. Growth rate can be about 20% must be achieved from the common base point of about 152 million which has been seen in Q4 of 2019.
Doubling the annual revenue, they have aimed to reach at 7.5 billion in 2023 from 3.7 billion in 2020.

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