Twitter plans to offer subscription with the acquisition of Scroll

Twitter has been planning to offer subscription following to the Scroll acquisition. It is a service that eliminates advertisement from the news sites in exchange of a monthly fee. Now, the Scroll is expected to be integrated in Twitter as a subscription based service. Till now, Scroll is available through a private beta. Scroll can be utilized by the existing subscribers without any hassle. However, new signups is not being accepted at the moment.
Subscription of Scroll costs about $5 per month. According to the claims of Scroll, it can help the publishers to earn more money than from advertising. For the service, a nominal fee is charged. Subscriber of Scroll can access top news websites without any interruption from the ads.
Scroll model definitely works and Twitter is also quite confident about its claims.
On asking why Scroll has decided to join Twitter, the company has said “Twitter exists to serve the public conversation. Journalism is the mitochondria of that conversation. It initiates, energizes and informs. It converts and confounds perspectives. At its best it helps us stand in one another’s shoes and understand each other’s common humanity.”

Twitter + Scroll

Now, Scroll has been making an effort to scale it and offer it to the Twitter users. As a result, users may able to have a browsing experience without any trouble.
Product VP of Twitter Mike Park has said,
“…we plan to include Scroll as part of an upcoming subscription offering we’re currently exploring. As a Twitter subscriber, picture getting access to premium features where you can easily read articles from your favorite news outlet or a writer’s newsletter from Revue, with a portion of your subscription going to the publishers and writers creating the content.”
Exact subscription plan has not been laid out yet. According to Scroll, ambition of Twitter is larger than you can expect.
Clear signs can be seen that Twitter is offering a subscription based model with Scroll to offer an ad free timeline to the user. On the occasion, revenue is going to be shared with the content creators also.
In the past also, Twitter has shown intent to reduce the advertisement on its platforms in exchange of a fee.
Last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said that they have been looking for subscription option. Later on, Twitter has also asked its users whether they are ready to pay a premium for an ad free service. Post the survey, discussion has stopped for some time. Now, it has started once again

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