SOFT UI: What should You Know About this Latest Trend?

Last year, emergence of new trend in designing can be seen with the introduction of Soft UI. It is also known as Neumorphism. Big brands like Apple Inc have been incorporating this trend also. Several changes have been made on the operating system of desktop and mobile to accommodate the trend. In Apple Reflects, some elements of soft UI can be observed. Soft UI is a vast subject. However, it is better to know the basics at the very beginning.

Soft UI

In design elements, both shadows and highlights can be added with Soft UI in order to make it a layered one. From design style skeuomorphism, soft UI or neumorphism is developed. On the occasion, designs are created in closest form of its real life avatar. If you look at the iOS 6 and iOS 7 then you may able to understand the difference between skeuomorphism and neumorphism. Skeuomorphism uses a relatively flat design whereas neumorphism has a little bit dramatic undertone.
However, neumorphism does not give importance on the excessiveness such as contrast. Instead, it tries to create a smoother experience for the users. Buttons and cards are part of the background. Flashy elements are removed while focus is given on softer style. In this way, a design can be created that is consistent throughout.

Common Features of Soft UI

Soft UI gives a smoothening effect. As a result, everything seems connected. If you look at the aesthetic then nothing harsh can be found. Therefore, use of the term ‘soft’ can be seen.

Rounded Corners: Sharp edges of the interface like modules and segment corners are generally removed with the Soft UI. As a result, a gentle appearance can be obtained. Rounded corner usually tie everything together.
Background blur and transparency: Since the introduction of iOS 7, popularity of transparency and background blur have increased certainly. Ultra minimalism is hated by most of the people that have come with the thin fonts. Popularity of the background blur is usually more. Soft UI blur is usually connected with the other part of the OS. It becomes part of the background of the app.

Unified Symbols: In case of Soft UI design, everything should fit perfectly. If something does not fit then the experience will be hampered. Therefore, color, gradients and shadows should be tied consistently if it is used. In this way, experience flow will seem natural to the user.

How to implement Soft UI

Soft UI is all about aligned colors and subtle contrast. Every part of the interface should give off the same feeling. Symmetry with the color should be maintained also. As a result, an element may able to stick out from the background.
Success of SOFT UI is defined through shadows and highlight.

Ensuring Soft Look

Due to use of sharp edges in the design, the website may look formal whereas rounded corners offer a friendly and playful look. Lightweight and delicate designs must be created with lots of deep shadows and highlights. By adding shadow to an element, a visual hierarchy can be created.

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