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Snippet is considered to be single search result that generally includes title, URL and brief page description. Based on the query, snippet is matched to give answer to the user. On the occasion, keyword is highlighted as well. From the content, important pieces are taken to create the snippet. By the search engine, snippets are generally decided. However, it can be avoided with the addition of meta description to the page.
Now, Google has decided to showcase snippet less often on the search engine result page. Through the major tools, it has been noticed that there is significant amount of decline when it comes to showing up of snippets.

What tools have shown?

Several tools such as Moz, SEMRush and SEOClarity has witnessed decline in the featuring snippet on the search engine. Through most of the tools, similar result has been seen. On the occasion, different keywords and featured snippets have been targeted. However, all of them have shown decline with their result.

Why it is important?

In case, lots of your traffic comes through the featured snippet in the search engine result page then it is definitely a major reason of worry for you. On the occasion, webpage traffic may be affected. By keeping an eye on the analytics, you may able to know whether the search engine is showing the snippet on the result page or not.
If Google is not showing the snippet anymore however you are still able to maintain the number one spot with the query then it may be fine for you. In case there is decline in the rank then you may have to include apt and relevant data structure to your site to ensure more clicks. Google search engine page result may be improved also.
However, featuring and removal of snippets can be a bug also. In the coming days, Google may start to show the snippet once again. It can be an intentional change from the side of Google also. Experts are not certain whether these changes are here to stay or not. Still, one thing can be said that Google is going to show featured snippets in certain categories less often.
Some of the tools for tracking search engine such as RankRanger have noticed normal level of featured snippet once again just after few days. From other tools, same thing have not been seen yet. Therefore, it may be hard to come at a conclusion now. It is certainly something that you may have to keep an eye on.

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