Pictures from customer influence decision of purchase

Through a news report, it has been established that user generated content such as pictures from the side of customer may play an important role in the purchase decision. By eMarketer, it has been reported that 62% consumer may become more confident about the product and make a purchase decision after looking at a picture from customer. Similar effect can be seen with the video from the customers also.
Based on the customers in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and UK, the survey has been done. Upon asking the reason behind looking for picture from customers, they have responded that something was not obvious may be highlighted with the process. In this way, customers may able to know also how the products act in reality. Confidence can be gained with a positive review from earlier customer. Color, size and fit of the product can be checked. Knowledge about the product material can be obtained as well.
Most positive impact of user generated content from Facebook can be seen. Survey has shown that 26.4% consumer has given positive response to Facebook content. As a result, Facebook has become a popular destination to influence the consumer.
Content uploaded through YouTube and Instagram are effective as well. Some of the customers have also said that user generated content from other platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok have helped to make a purchase decision. In the survey, Twitter has been placed last.
Expert marketers believe that consumers believe less in the mainstream media and corporate marketing. Instead, they have been looking for user generated content as well as influencer before making a purchase decision. More response is obtained through user generated content. In addition, it is not difficult to create also.

Publicizing user generated content through website

Report has highlighted about the user generated content on the social media. However, it can be effective on the shopping website also.
In case you are selling your product through an ecommerce website then pictures and reviews from the customer is often allowed to help the future customers during making purchase decision.
More sales can be driven with the user generated content definitely. In addition, it may be great for the search engine optimization of the website also.
John Mueller from Google has said that both website content and user generated content is treated equally as far as the ranking in the search engine is concerned. So, pictures from the customers may able to create more signals for the website and improve their rank in image search.
However, caution must be exercised when it comes to publishing user generated content on the website. In case the customers are allowed to insert link of their reviews on your website then Google recommends using Rel UGC tag.

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