Part 1: Content Creation Tips from Google for Success

By Google, a blog has been posted on how to drive success with the help of content. Lots of anecdotes can be found from the YouTube creators as well as successful bloggers. However, these tips are not associated with the SEO at all. Therefore, you may be more interested about it. Success of the online marketing depends on more than mere SEO.

How to publish content successfully

In order to ensure success with the content, you need to look at the following things
Set time within the calendar
Act according to your strength
Create article in batch
Repurpose your article
Prioritize value than quality

Set time within the calendar

Most of the successful writers may agree upon the fact that setting aside time for content creation and publishing daily is best way to attain success. It is better not to wait for an inspiration to come in order to create content. On the occasion, you must force yourself to sit and write.
Nick Cave through the newsletter The Red Hand Files has said “I also have an affinity with artists who treat their craft as a job and are not dependent on the vagaries of inspiration — because I am one of them.
Like most people with a job, we just go to work. It never occurs to us not to work, there is never a moment when we don’t work because ‘we are not feeling it’ or ‘the vibes aren’t right’.
We just do our hours…”
Musician and lifestyle blogger Rigel Gemini has commented “Producing content on a weekly basis for at least one channel and keeping it fun. If content becomes a chore or becomes too much work, you will start to dread it. So just figure out something that you can write about or photograph or talk about every week and dive in…”

Act according to your strength

For the next advice, you must thank faith and fashion blogger Mata Leiataua. In the beginning, a content creator must try to understand personal strength and style.
Every content creator has its own style. Here, style of a content creator can be their persona as well.
Some of the content creators may be shy and introvert in real life. However, their content is loud.
Mata Leiataua has said “no one feels inspired to create content 24/7… is your content in the moment or stylized? Do you prioritize your aesthetic or copywriting?”

Create article in batch

Interestingly, some of creators have recommended continuing with the writing process. It is better to write articles in batch. Following to the content creation, you can look at it and schedule it for the purpose of publication
Beauty blogger Tiffany has said “Creating in real time can be a lot, so creating a ton of content ahead of time helps.
That way you always have something new to post…”
For more information, look at the second part.

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