New Code of Conduct is to follow by Pinterest users

Pinterest is expected to announce and implement a mandatory code of conduct that is named Creator Code. It has been done to ensure positive experience for the users. It is a policy that everyone has to follow while creating content on the platform. Before posting story pins, every creator has to accept the guidelines. It is believed that the guidelines are created in order to ensure more positive content.
In addition to the Creator Code, moderation tool is expected to roll out also by Pinterest. Due to use of the moderation tool, comments section can be made friendly.
Pinterest is expected to pay for the content to the publisher also through the Creator Fund.

Creator Code from Pinterest

Prior to the post, content creator is going to be asked to sign the Creator Code which is mandatory on the platform.

Creator Code is described as

“The Creator Code is a mandatory set of guidelines that lives within our product intended to educate and build community around making inclusive and compassionate content. It is intended to be proactive and empowering for Creators, rather than reactive and reprimanding.”


• Creator are asked to be kind and not to insult anybody on the platform
• Correct and factual information should be posted
• Content that is visually sensitive should be published with discretion
• Certain community or group should not be excluded intentionally
• Challenge or call to action should be safe

From the, you may able to access the Creator Code landing page. In the page, Pinterest has explained about the type of content that are being discouraged from publishing.
Content against the Pinterest Creator Code are
• Cultural Stereotypes
• Insulting public persona
• Health claims, theories and conspiracies that are not supported by facts
• Dangerous challenges
• Sensitive information
• Graphic Images
• Explicit art
• Before and after picture to shame
In the past also, most types of these contents have been discouraged by Pinterest. However, they have been taking more proactive approach now.
Measures are taken to ensure same amount of civility is maintained by the user also.

Moderation Tool

To offer positive experience for the content creator and users, new tools and features have been introduced by Pinterest.
• Reminders are given to adhere to the guideline of the Pinterest. Users are asked to reconsider offensive comment prior to the post.
• Keyword filtering and comment removal is possible now through the moderation tool.
• Three comments can be pinned as featured comment to highlight the positive feedback.
• Through use of machine learning, bad comment can be detected and removed.

Creator Fund

Program is launched by Pinterest to fund the content creator that has been coming from the underrepresented communities especially. It is a feature that is available in United States only. Through use of the fund, strategy consulting, financial support and training can be offered.

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