List of content for monetizing has been expanded by YouTube

Now, YouTube has enabled ads to run on various types of content. As a result, monetization opportunities are expanded for the content creator without any doubt. Now, the content creators may able to earn money from the content that has not been considered well enough for advertising earlier.
Recently, an adjustment has been made by YouTube in order to make the platform more advertisers friendly. As a result, some new guidelines have been introduced. Till now, some of the content has been restricted from advertising.

Change to the Guidelines of YouTube for making it more advertisers friendly

More types of content have been allowed now by Google to monetize completely instead of partial monetization. If the creators have enrolled themselves in the YouTube‘s Partnership Programme then they may able to know immediately whether a content is eligible for monetization or not. It is also possible to understand if the content can be fully or partially monetized. Through a color coded icon within the YouTube Studio, status of the monetization can be known.
• Green Icon: Full Revenue can be earned from the video
• Yellow Icon: Limited or no advertisement can be displayed with the video
• Red Icon: Monetization is not possible with the video
• Grey Icon: Creator has turned off monetization manually.
YouTube representative have stated with a published video on the Creator Insider Channel
“Across the company we’re aware that when you receive a yellow icon on your content it can feel as if YouTube isn’t being supportive. The advertiser friendly guidelines are restrictive in some areas more than others because advertisers want the option to opt-in on some content and, in others, have no tolerance for running ads.
Examples of those kinds of areas are content which features graphic dead bodies or really detailed discussions around sexual abuse. So it’s really a balancing act for us making sure you have the best possible opportunity to monetize your content on the platform while making sure that advertisers are still happy to pay for ad space.”
Connecting with the advertisers, YouTube has made some policy updates responsibly. Therefore, content creator can have more opportunities to earn more money from these contents. Previously, these contents used to come with the yellow icon.
On the occasion, specific content have been moved out the yellow icon. Most of these contents can be found with green icon now. Changes are going to be seen with following types of content.

Educational Content

Monetization of documentary, educational and new content has become possible now. YouTube has also included violent interaction with the law enforcement, sensitive events and recreational drugs also.

Controversial Issues

YouTube has expanded its list of monetizing content to controversial issues also. Content may not be too graphic on the occasion. However, objective discussion on the controversial issues can be done now.

Adult Humor

Now, adult themed jokes are eligible for monetization, As a result, dating jokes can be done now.


Full monetization of the content is possible even if there is little bit of profanity in the first 30 seconds.
New guidelines will become effective from April, 2021.

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