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Through marketing campaign, goals can be reached. It is possible to come across a marketing campaign for obtaining more customers, improving customer satisfaction and more sales through existing customers. Content marketing can be a good way to reach these goals. Starting from the social use of media posting to ebooks, help can be obtained to reach your desired goals. In this article, we are going to talk about the KPIs and how it can help you to attain business goals.
Content performance must be tracked for a great campaign. However, it cannot be done until you are aware about the type of metrics that is needed to be tracked. So, how can you track whether your content is meeting the goals or not? Requirement of measurable indicator is felt at the time. Measurable indicators can be marked as Key Performance Indicators.
KPIs help to measure performance. Based on the goals, tracking of performance is generally done. Therefore, it is better to pick KPIs that is directly connected to your goals. If you choose a wrong set of KPIs then campaign performance cannot be measured perfectly. By setting up correct KPIs, highly successful campaign can be ensured.

Choosing the KPIs

Depending on the end goal, KPIs must be chosen always. Following factors must be kept in the mind during making choice on KPIs

•Transparent Business Goals

One of the primary functions of KPIs has been to achieve the business goals through measurement of contribution and progress. Impact of the KPIs can be obtained only if you have a clear business goal regarding the content piece. On the occasion, you may try to get more target customers, enhancing revenue, and qualified marketing leads and sales

•Understanding the model of sales and revenue

Three types of businesses are seen mostly. They can be leads driven, ad driven and e-commerce. In this article, focus is given on the leads and revenue of an ecommerce only. Tracking e-commerce revenue is relatively easy. Several features can be observed within the Google Analytics that can help in the process
In case primary goal of your company is to generate lead then process of tracking can be a little difficult. Leads can be tracked. However, there are lot more things that a marketer can do for you. If you are able to understand the sales process then it may become easier for you to track performances. Sales cycle can be consisted of reading block post, downloading of e-books, receiving mails, interaction with the sales personnel, receiving proposal and purchase of a product or service.

Setting KPIs for different campaigns

Multiple sales processes can be observed within a company. Each of these processes may be different from another. Now, it is important to see from which campaign you are obtaining maximum response. Based on the sales processes, KPIs can be different as well.

Managing the KPIs

Key Performance Indicator must be selected, measured and tracked objectively. By using a worksheet and spreadsheet, it can be done for each campaign. KPIs can provide result on multiple levels such as campaign and content.

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