Identity guidelines to empower clients

Sometime beautifully designed website is misused by the clients. Therefore, it may be important to empower the client with the identity guidelines. Taking a cue from UI design, guidelines must be created that does not left anything to the client’s imagination or interpretation.

Through research, solution of this problem can be found. Pattern library and style guidelines can be created to help the client. By understanding the requirement of the clients in details, you can create a logo that leave second guessing at the bay. On the occasion, there may not be a surprise. Final design can be delivered in a much informed manner as well. Following guidelines can be utilized on the occasion.

For Digital Use

Responsive logo is the best option now-a-days. Based on the screen size, the logo or design within the website must adapt itself. As a result, there can be several version of a logo for laptops, desktops and mobile phones. Simplified version of design can be created as well for different kinds of browsers as well. Different colours and sizes can be utilized at the time also.

For Social Media Use

Even in case of social media, one design may not be effective for all the platforms. Finding out the platform that is being used by your client, decisions can be taken regarding the design. Test accounts can be created for multiple platforms to ensure effective results. In case a perfectly shaped jpg image is not used with the profile picture then it may not deliver an effective result. Mock up for every platform of social media must be used in order to see how a logo may look on a particular platform. Designer may go with a theme color. For a profile header, image style can be suggested as well.

For Email Use

Do you need specific file for email signature? Thumbnail mockups with layout scenarios of diverse mail chimp can be considered to let the client understand which logo is best for each platform.

For Imagery Use

Is overlay imagery required for logotype? Is screen size important on the occasion? Once again, you may notice that there is question with differently sized imagery. Doubts may be seen with the light and dark imagery as well. Now, it is important to demonstrate the imagery that may look best with the logo.

For Print Use

Diverse variations of logos may look good with different kinds of documents. For brochures to business cards, you may think about the background color that may go with the logo design. It is important to explain to the client what kind of layout may work best.

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