How the SEO Keywords are categorized?

In diverse ways, categorization of SEO keywords can be done. Here are common types that are utilized by the web designers.

Branded and Unbranded Keywords

For branded keywords, it is possible to observe branded terms of search in the query. It includes branded names, branded acronyms, misspellings and tagline of the brand.
On the other hand, unbranded keyword refers to any other keywords that can be utilized. Through unbranded keywords, issues of the customers are often highlighted. In some cases, non-distinct names can be seen from a business. During the time, it cannot be described easily.
By the branded keywords, high amount of traffic can be generated and the traffic is mostly converted into customer. In most occasions, customers are quite familiar with the brand. Therefore, issues with the trust may not be seen.

Page-Specific Vs Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are quite obvious. It may be an initial list of words from where the keyword research generally starts. For a website, it is quite relevant. Seed keywords also help to increase your list.
During the research process for the keywords, page specific keywords are generally found later on. It is a kind of keyword that is generally utilized for a single as well as multiple pages.

Head and Long Tail Keywords

Keywords with high search demand are known as head terms. On the other hand, keyword that is low in demand is called long tail.
If a graph is created then you may see that head term may fall quickly from list of total number of keywords. However, long tail keywords may able to hold its position for a really long time.
Every day, 15% new searches can be seen in Google. It may not be surprising at all that most of searches are considered long tail. Even if a keyword is searched for only few times then it can be considered long tail keyword.
Contrasting characteristic is seen with the head and long tail keywords. Both the keywords are not considered absolute.

Primary and Secondary Keywords

One of most important keywords is primary keyword. It is often named as ‘targeted’ or ‘focus keyword’ also. Primary keyword can be utilized for a single page as well as an entire site.
Secondary keyword is considered to be supporting keyword. It may include all the other keywords that are utilized for the website.
In case of secondary keywords, optimization is done loosely. It may not be considered as high priority.
Sometime, secondary keyword may act as long tail support also that helps you to obtain optimum benefit from primary keyword.

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