Hidden Features of PPC that you should know

Some of the PPC features are still not utilized fully. Therefore, it may seem completely new. These PPC features are not commonly known. Shout out to these features can be given and put them under a test.
As far as setting is concerned, there are some hidden features also. It is not easy to find. Due to simply turning on and turning off of the features, impact on the account performance can be seen.
By utilizing some of these hidden gems, you may have something to brag on Zoom.
Let’s look at some hidden features of PPC now

1. Call Reports and Recording

In spite of using the call extensions and call-only ads, you may not be aware of the fact that a readymade report is available. From this report, you can know call received details through Google Ads.
By looking at this report, you may able to know about the call time, duration and phone number of the caller. Several other metrics can be informed through the report also. Better optimization process and strategies can be developed for the purpose of phone call engagement in the process also.
Option can be obtained from Reports. Then you can click on the Predefined reports and extensions to get the call details.
Google Ads allow you to record the call that is received from call extensions and click-to-call ads.
Both recording and downloading of calls is possible. Recordings can be saved for almost 30 days. Post the stipulated time, recording will expire.
In the accounting settings, you can get the opt-in to call and also call recording.

2. List for Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing list of the products can be obtained in the Microsoft Ads by the advertiser. Searchers can be targeted depending on the specific product. In the past, user may have interacted with the product and even promoted it. Purchase intent may be shown by the searchers on the occasion also.
In the Microsoft Audience Network and search, ads can be served. It is quite similar to the dynamic remarketing feature of Google.
In order to utilize the feature, catalog feed and implementation of the Microsoft Merchant Center is required of Microsoft Advertising UET tag on the webpage of the website.

3. Microsoft Audience Network

For more reach with the Microsoft Ads campaigns, following things are recommended.
Search campaign can be extended to the Microsoft Audience Network
To get additional clicks, impressions, reach and conversions.
Both audience and keyword targeting for the search extend to the audience network.
Image extensions for the purpose of search extend. Native ads can be created for audience network.

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