Domain Name Myth That You Should Remember

Domain name can be looked as an essential element of a project. It is important for the brand. In addition, it has a large impact on the user experience as well. SEO is influenced on the occasion and revenue in the end.
Both the small and large companies like to use a domain name as it helps to bring business for them. However, there are some myths associated with the domain name also that is needed to be addressed properly.

Myth 1: Everyone can have a domain name

In reality, no one can have a domain name. Every year, renewal notification is received by the user as the domain name is being rented. Payment is offered to the registrar that registers your domain to the ICANN. Sometime, responsibility can be given to TLD also.
Following to rental of a domain, you may not able to use it as freely as you can. Businesses in UK have been ripped off their .eu domain due to removal from European Union through Brexit.

Myth 2: Every project has a perfect domain

Domain does not come with an inherent value. However, value is acquired by a domain over a period of time. If you go back 25 years then you may find popular domain names like, and For the cynical, best option has been However, you may not able to register with as it does not talk about search back then.
Through simple yet relentless strategy, Google has managed to earn its reputation. On the occasion, Google may have acquired its value through branding, SEO and longevity.

Myth 3: Domain name should have the keyword

In case you are registering your domain name for a new business or as a part of a digital strategy then it is quite natural to run a keyword research. However, keyword research cannot be validated unless you have a live site. So, you may not know what the best keyword is for your site.
If you are sure about the keyword now even then it may change in the longer run. Due to pandemic, lots of offline business has become online. In case, a restaurant is turned into a delivery service then some legal restrictions may be put in place. Therefore, same keyword domain may not be effective anymore.
In case of ecommerce, customer may think that keyword rich domain is a budget friendly option. It may also give idea to the customer that you can get only budgeted and generic products with the domain name. Therefore, it is not right to restrict the business with a keyword rich domain name.
Some advantage in terms of SEO can be obtained through keyword rich domain. However, it is very minimal. In addition, these benefits may vanish after few years.

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