Core Web Fundamentals is to be boosted with WordPress Gutenberg 10.1

On March 3rd, 2021, WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 is released which has boosted the fundamentals of core web. . Page speed has increased significantly as a result.

Release of Gutenberg 10.1

WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 has been announced with new features that have been wished by the publishers for a long time. In the coming days, Google algorithm is going to be updated in order to give boost ranking of the pages that has good core web fundamentals. On the occasion, in between score may not be seen.
However, web publishers have been finding it difficult to pass the core web vitals. Issues are noticed as some of the problems are inbuilt within the content management system. Plugins and themes have posed some issues to pass the core web vitals also.
By the site editor, WordPress Gutenberg update is simply described as ‘Improve loading method for block styles’

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is going to simply the process of website building. By the editor of Gutenberg, process of WordPress website building is re-imagined as involving blocks for page elements.
On the occasion, one of the blocks can be header while next block can show the menu section, Just after the content block, it may be possible to find a footer block. Lots of blocks are available with custom layout for the content block. Through Gutenberg, a visual way of creating a web page has been shown through use of pre-made layouts. Here, drop contact form can be chosen also. There are also options to create Columns block.
In this way, a web page can be created without thinking about the programming. More importance can be given on content instead of plugins and coding.

More Focus on Core Web Fundamentals

Publishing and SEO community is definitely going to welcome the change with WordPress Gutenberg. Still, Gutenberg needs to add some more arsenals in the bag. However, publishers can use it now also.
Gutenberg is considered to be the future in publishing as it has brought lots of improvement to the publishing arena. Improvements are certainly going to help the site visitors as well as publishers. Performance enhancement with the speed is expected to be seen also.
Due to this recent announcement related to WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 update, some challenges are going to be faced by SEO professionals.
Change to the CSS is certainly an increment that is going to benefit the publishers and users largely. Code bloat issues that have been affecting Gutenberg can be solved with the update also. As problem is solved, Gutenberg may become an effective content management system.

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