Content Types that ensure more engagement

What are the types of content that are most beneficial to create? It is a question that you may be asking several times to yourself while creating content. Different formats of content are available in order to capture the eyeballs. High rate of conversion can be achieved also. It can be a blog post or an infographics.
If you are not sure about the type of content that can offer you more eyeballs then you can try one of the following ones for the best possible result.

Content Types for Better Engagement

Using great content in your website is important. However, delivery of the content is also important on the occasion. Higher ROI can be achieved with some of these contents. Limitation may not be noticed as far as the content creation is concerned. In case you are having difficulty to choose content over others then it is better to do brainstorming session.

Authority Content

Credential in the industry can be built with the use authority content. It may be referred to as topical authority also.
To attract eyeball, drive traffic, engagement and also backlinks, some authority can be seen in the market. It can be a great option for the improvement of ranks on the search engine result page.
It is an authority content if you are writing a content that is
Linked with the scientific studies and credible sources
Detailed conversation on the topic and sub topic may be mentioned as well
Specialized knowledge that cannot be achieved from elsewhere


According to the statistic of August 2019, 18% of the book sales come from e-books. Market of e-book is valued around $15 to $ 18 billion. In the future, the numbers have increased further certainly.
However, during content marketing it may not be given much of importance. E-books do not get enough attention. Neat look can be achieved with the e-book as it requires less production time in comparison to the printed book. Due to presence of dedicated audience in the digital platform, e-books have managed to get larger number of audience.

Opinion Pieces

Everyone does have an opinion. Industry leaders may be more powerful that that has been considered before. Through platforms like Medium and Huffington Post, industry leaders can share their thoughts. On the occasion, credibility of the domain plays an important role also. Larger audience can be reached with the process.
Quality baclkinks on the content can be achieved also. By using unusual topic or discussing about current topic, you can create your audience also.

How to content

One of the common forms of content is How-to and tutorials. It never becomes outdated and it has a reason behind it also. Readers can be inspired with these contents. Brand engagement can be taken to another level as well.

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