Content Trends You Should Know Now

Combination of content marketing and SEO can do wonders for the ranking of your webpage. Now-a-days, marketers are more geared towards helpful and useful content that has been created according to the habits, search need and preference of the user. Better content can be seen as the creators are becoming smarter regarding strategy, creation, publishing and research related to the content.
Content marketing is not considered as an experiment any more. It is a proven strategy that can be utilized by every brand.

Improved Visuals in content

Visual based platform have become trendy now and it is definitely the future. In case of entertainment, communication and various other occasions, people are using interactive and dynamic imagery. For the next generation, visuals are definitely in the reign. Popularity of the platforms like Snapchat, Tik Tok and Instagram are proof of it without any doubt.
In case of adults, use of YouTube is mostly seen along with the Facebook. Visuals may become more interesting in the future. It may able to create more appeal to the users. Now-a-days, augmented reality can be utilized also with the lenses and filters in Snapchat also
By using the Instagram AR filters, you can create your own story also.
In the coming days, marketers may take advantage of the customs, dynamic and branded imagery more for the content.

Video and Visual Content

Video has become really important in the last few years. Due to popularity of YouTube along with AR video content and dynamic video content, process of visual story telling has become easy. Meteoric rise of the visual platforms can be seen also.
In comparison to the video, tap forward rate with the images is about 5.65 higher. It means that more number of people may stop at your video and watch it thoroughly.
In case of brands, tap forwards is further high with 5.79% with the followers between 10k and 100k. For more than 100k follower account, tap forward rate is around 6%.

Some preferences may be noticed as far as video marketing is concerned also.
Report from Wyzowl’s regarding ‘State of Video Marketing’ has found 84% people generally buys a product after watching video. For app or software download, the rate is around 79%.
69% people may watch a short video on a brand or a product to learn more about it. 18% people may still prefer to read text.
Hubspot Survey has reported that 56% consumer aged between 25 to 34 years and 54% people between 35 and 44 years may like to see video from their favorite brand.

YouTube is the second most popular platform after Google. For the Gen-Z people, it may not be easy to get on with their life without a video.
So, how a marketer can take advantage from it?
Marketers should promote brands and their products with the help of video content. Users should be engaged with the quality story telling.

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