Chrome has enabled Key and Surface Tracking

Google has disclosed their further plans to eliminate cookies that generally come for ad tracking. Implementation of the plan is expected to happen within 2022. Several parts of the world have introduced stringent privacy policy.
In the month of January, Google has taken the first step with the announcement of FLoC. Right now, Google has been trying to tune-in their system. It is believe that Google is going to replace the third party users with anonymized users. On the occasion, critics have questioned whether the users are going to be completely anonymous or Google is going to track them. On the issue, clarification is offered with the announcement of KaST.


‘KaST’ or ‘Key and Surface Tracking’ is expected to be new technology from Google for the purpose of tracking. Presence of cookies may not be seen on the occasion at all. It is also device agnostic. Technology utilized for KaST is relatively old. Use of the process has been seen to check the auditing input of the stenographer in 1987. Latest technology also has taken a lot from the algorithm of voice recognition software
In case of voice, identifiable yet a unique modulation can be noticed. Similarly, keyboard typing or using touch screen is done in different types of speed, force and accuracy by an individual. It generally depends on the cognitive process as well as the unique biometrics of the hand.
Through use of touch screen and keyboard, cognitive pattern and biomechanical are generally tracked. Individuals can be identified through the keystrokes.

Mobile Approaches for KaST

Complete reliance can be seen upon BMaC which is a combination of Bio-Mechanical and Cognition. Data has not been published yet by Google to assure about the accuracy of KaST. However, BMaC is considered to be very much accurate. Therefore, security can be ensured. Margin of error can be reduced with the serving ads also.

What is KaST for the Users?

Just like the algorithm that has been controlling our daily lives. Presence of KaST may not be felt by the users. It is not possible escape from BMaC as it is part of your DNA.
However, some privacy concerns can be noticed on the occasion as BMaC can follow from a device to another. So, the personal and professional profiles can be connected easily now. Google can identify you on any device as soon as you type about 19 characters.

Is there any need to worry about KaST?

Most of the experts have said both the KaST and FLoC strategy by Google is beneficial for the users and web. According to Google, identifying the user without cookies is more beneficial for the users as far as privacy is concerned. It is being done to safeguard the user instead hindering them.
In the digital world, lots of user tracking can be seen. Compromise on the privacy in such a great extent should not be granted in order to serve sophisticated ads according to the opponents of the policy.
Development of KaST is in its early stage at the moment. However, concerns regarding privacy are increasing. Campaign has been started also to put Google under regulation against the use of this technology.

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