Benefits of using AR in Web Design

Experts have been keen to include mixed realities for some time now within the periphery of web designs. Through use of augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR, some changes can be made on how people interact with the website on the fundamental level.

Now, discussion regarding AR is not in the conversational mode anymore. Interface with mixed reality has become a truth with the platforms like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters.

User experience can be offered at an incredible level now with AR. However, digital realities of multiple platforms must be considered also.

Why should you experiment with Augmented Reality?

Before incorporating augmented reality within the website by the designers, they must try to know about its benefits.
Through the virtual reality, actual world can be replaced completely through use of digital components. However, AR may augment it only. It is important for the developers to know how to flourish in an environment. Both real and digital world must collaborate with each other for an excellent result.

Most of the AR application helps to provide real-time solutions. It may offer the customer product visualization also. In this way, you may able to try a shoe before buying them online. Shopping experience of the customers can be reinvented as a result. Purchasing decisions can be affected hugely through use of AR. It is especially effective for the beauty based sites such as make-up and interior designing sites.

1. Provides Feedback Real-Time

By using augmented reality, it is possible to create a connection between real world and virtual world. Unique user experience can be offered with the process. Real-time feedback with valuable and insightful information can be obtained easily. Due to inclusion AR in a GPS app, you may able to know how much time it is required to reach a location.

Experts must try to offer valuable information in real time. So, a customer can make the purchase decision in better manner.

2. Input and Output Defining

In case of designing a traditional website and applications, similar thing can be observed also. However, defining UX input and output for AR environment is not easy at all. By defining both the input and output, you can decide about the element of interaction within the website. In this way, better idea about augmentation can be obtained also. Here, physical gesture like swipe can be used as an input for AR. For diverse mobile devices, different possibilities of input must be considered also.

Simpler approach is generally observed with the output. Three dimensional models can be offered on the occasion. It is possible to think how interaction can alter based on the position or colour.

3. Customer Friendly Performance

More interactive experience is generally offered with the help of AR. In this way, the website is made more customer-friendly also. Through design, everything should be made accessible for the customers. If the implementation of technology is simple then customers can use it easily.

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