3 Ways to Create Inclusive Design for the Website

Inclusive design is often looked as another term for accessibility. It is used as an interchangeable term also. In this way, most of the designers can get a hint about the inclusive design definitely.
Due to accessibility, issues in the designs can be mitigated easily. However, the method is not universal. However, inclusive design definitely helps to enhance the universality. It can be seen as an UI concern. Inclusive design is not easily measurable and subjective at the same time. Therefore, it may be related to UX. Through use of Inclusive design, you can reach most number of audiences without any hassle.

Staying at the Edge Case

During designing a website, the idea can stem from your personal experience. However, minority experience is highlighted with the edge case. On the occasion, an uncommon design is used. Minority experience can be sometime core and common user experience as well. If you think that you are creating an out-of the-box design and most of the people may not act upon it then lots of biased design may be negated on how a design should look like. Taking experience from the life, design can be created also.

Inclusive design should not be created out of practice

Inclusive design is all encompassing attitude. Therefore, it should not be made like a practice. It is better to have a design practice that is inclusive at the same time. For the designer, it should be the ideal goal.
As a human, we have lot of bias based on the culture and society. Information is bombarded upon us that reinstate these biases further. On the occasion, you must accept the fact that you have bias. However, it is not good for the creation of inclusive design as it takes the design away from the core. Due to the biases, your influences on the design may be limited.
In order to divide the user into groups, questions are asked which can be looked as an act of bias also. Therefore, you should prefer to say ‘no’ to these things. Personal questions must be avoided always
Misquoting is often seen with the concept of Occam’s Razor. According to this theory, least assumed answer is considered to be correct. Here, it has been indicated the fact that there should be a correct answer. However, high tolerance and flexible UI is considered to be beneficial for inclusive design.

Design Flexibility

The words like ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ is obsolete. However, there can be notion of perceived normal. Behavior of a person is often decided based on their experiences. In spite of having preferences, most of people generally gear towards normal. Presence of every possible characteristic can be seen on the spectrum. While designing a website, certain characteristics are given preference

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