New features are being introduced in video calling platform Microsoft Team

Users of Microsoft Teams can transfer calls from desktops to mobiles and vice-versa now. Due to introduction of the new features, users can be able to manage work easily whether there are in office or home. It enables the users to move around also while attending a video conference. As a result of pandemic, IT leaders have felt the requirement to reprioritize resources. Importance of communication through video has been increasing. People have managed to switch to online mode for meeting. However, there have been some challenges as well. It has become necessary to maintain physical connection as well. In case of physical meeting, certain amount of warmth is felt which is being missed during video conference so far.

Through studies, it has been seen that voice of a person creates a signal which usually helps to build personal connection. Clarity is offered at the same time. It has been observed by Microsoft that Team Calling has enhanced significantly this year. It has been noticed that 650 million calls have been made in the month of October only. From the month of March, it has enhanced by almost 11 fold.

Through new update, some new features have been added for the benefit of the general users. Dial pad, voice mail, call history, settings and contact can be accessed from a single location while using enhanced version of Calls app. Flow of work can be maintained easily while you stay connected with the other person.

Options to save the call recording have been added. Information is saved in OneDrive or Sharepoint Placing. It has becomes easier to connect a call in a car as well due to presence of CarPlay support. Through utilization of CarPlay, built-in-control system of the car can be used to effectively operate Team. Spam calls can be identified by Teams easily. Therefore, the user can know quickly who is on the other side of the call.

In addition, some more attributes have been added to make and attend calls through diverse endpoints such as mobile devices and desktops easily. From 2021, user can take advantage of these features. By using Teams app easy-to-use interface, user can shift calls from different end points.

Some other features have been added by Microsoft as well such as call merge, look up with reverse number which enables the users to see the name of the caller during on-going call and low data mode.

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