Why You Should Not Ignore Flat Design

Recently, lot of importance is given on the flat design by the web designers. It is soon becoming a trend. Generally, multi-national companies have been using the feature of flat designing for their websites. Now, small entrepreneurs have been coming forward in order to take advantage of this design technique as well. User experience can be enhanced in the process certainly. For the both websites and apps, it is being used. As a result, increase in the website traffic has been observed.

What is Flat Design?

In case of flat design, use of two dimensional designs with minimalistic nature is generally observed. Requirement of additional element or style is not seen with this platform. It has been used as a complete contrast to the objects from real life.

Due to crisp nature of flat design, it comes across as a scalable illustration with bright and sober colors. Therefore, utilization of sans-serif font has been seen in most occasions.

Features of Flat Design

Increasing readability

Readability has been observed as one of the main features of flat design. Due to minimalistic design, content of the website can be understood quite easily. It can be seen quite easily from both the mobile device and desktop.

Complex designs have been transformed into simple ones by utilization of vectors and icons. User’s attention is grabbed quite effectively in due course, Clear typography and clutter free background can be ensured with this design.

Lack of interruption

As a result of lesser decorative element, it has become possible to concentrate on the main content of the page. Every possible distraction is generally eliminated from the page naturally. It tries to influence the user through its content.

Reduced Load Time

If a website takes a lot of time to load then it is avoided by the user in most occasions. It is often seen as an irritating thing. In order to present relatively higher quality of content with the website, you can use graphics and images with lower resolution or go with the flat design. Therefore, flat design has come across as obvious choice on the occasion.

In comparison to a website with heavy graphic, a website with flat design can be loaded easily. If logo size of a brand has been reduced with sans serif font then the load time of homepage can be reduced significantly. Quicker response is obtained from flat design every time.

SEO advantage

p> Load time has been observed as one of the factors for website ranking. Due to quick load time with flat design, it has become easy for a website to get higher ranking in SERP. Through flat design, SEO effort can be benefited further. It is always better to give more concentration on traffic and conversion rate.

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