What! Same Content with different formats cannot be considered as duplicate

John Mueller from Google has said recently that if identical content has been published through different formats like a blog post and a video then it cannot be considered to be as a duplicate.

Therefore, a content can be utilized once again safely now. For an example, a video content can be utilized as an article without any stress and tension. In spite of producing the identical content, Google may look at it differently. Duplicate content may not be a big issue as it is thought by the site owners and SEO earlier.

During a stream at the Google Search Central Office, a question has been submitted by a site owner who has both YouTube channel and a blog post. On the occasion, it has been asked whether Google considers content as a duplicate if it is used within the blog as well as text with the video. So, the site owner has simply asked on the occasion whether Google penalizes such act. Site owner has also explained that both of the blog posts have been crawled by Google. However, a rank is not given to both of them. Blog without the video is given a rank already. Same cannot be said about the other content. Site owner has also asked whether it is better to incorporate a canonical tag and delete either blog or video.

Generally, Google advises the user not to publish an identical content. However, they have said something different thing this time.

John Mueller from Google has explained that search engine is not capable of analysis a text within a video. Later on, they may not be able to map it out with the webpage text. In case, same content of the blog is repeated with the video then it may be considered as different content by Google.

So, similar content in diverse formats cannot be observed as duplicate content. Distinction is done by the Google as different things are being searched at different times. Some people may read an article whereas some people may prefer to watch the video instead of reading the blog.

Therefore, repurposing of content is encouraged by Mueller on the occasion. One content may not be preferred by Google over others at the time. In case a video text matches with the blog content then it may not be identified as same by Google. Both the content is considered to be fine.

Through different channels, information can be spread among more number of people. Therefore, it is a practice that may not be stopped by Google. Either blog post or video may not be taken down by Google. In case a blog post is not able to achieve a rank then problem may lie in it. By the Google, it is not judged in combination with the blog post video.

In case content is considered to be a duplicate by Google then one of the versions may be shown on the result page instead of discarding both of them.

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