Through the term web 2.0, applications are highlighted which allow you to share and collaborate more with the people. In this way, people can express themselves in better manner. It is possible to look at Web 2.0 as a revolution in world of computers. Rules of success have been made more understandable for the people as well with the new platform. In simple language, it is an improved version of worldwide web without any doubt. Change has been observed with the static, dynamic as well as user generated content. Lot of development has been noticed with the social media as well. Concept of web 2.0 is generally associated with the web oriented architecture, web applications and social web. Due to this concept, some alteration has been observed with the design of web page and technical specifications also.

As an example of Web 2.0, you can look at Google Maps which is a hosted service and web applications like Google Docs and Flickr. There are also platforms like YouTube, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter

Difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

User can easily share, create and collaborate with Web 2.0. It is the major difference with the Web 1.0. Due to advent of Web 2.0, you may not require any additional skills for web designing or publishing.

For the users, it has become easier to acquire information. Content of interest is utilized by the users on the occasion only.

Benefits of Using Web 2.0

  • Facilities can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • Different Choices with the media
  • Usability
  • Knowledge building opportunities for the learners
  • Learning communities of dynamic nature can be created
  • Everyone may able to write and edit easily.
  • User friendly
  • Discussion on real time has improved

Tools and Features of Web 2.0

Collective classification of the user is possible with the Web 2.0. Dynamic flow of communication can be seen in two ways. So, information can be transferred from user and site owner with the assistance of comments, evaluations and reviews. Content can be added by the site user easily and it can be seen by others as well

Uses of Web 2.0

Rich web technologies such as JavaScript, Silverlight, Adobe Flash and Microsoft is utilized with the Web 2.0. RSS, Eclispe and Ajax are part of it also. Download methodology of reorganized nature have been utilized as the base here. Therefore, BitTorrent has become a more fruitful option. Content has become more accessible in the process too. Due to interactive nature of Web 2.0, enterprises may be interested to use it. Through the process, daily contact can be maintained in much lesser cost.

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