What is Responsive Design and Why Should You Use It?

In the last couple of decades, uses of mobile phones have increased enormously. Due to popularity of mobile devices among the users, it may be disappointing if your website is not mobile friendly. One of the best ways to make a website mobile friendly is to incorporate to responsive designing.

What is Responsive Design?

Use of responsive design ensures that the website is automatically scaled up or scaled down according to nature of the devices whether it is a laptop, desktop or mobile phones. Sometimes, behavior of the user is also taken into consideration to offer best possible result.  For example, if screen of the device is large then images and content may adjust itself accordingly. User may not have to give additional effort to read content.

Why Should You Use Responsive Design

More Traffic from Mobile User

Previously, two versions of a website are created for the mobile users and desktop users. Till now, various organizations use the same strategy while creating a website for their company. However, it requires a lot of time and maintenance as well.

By simply using responsive design for the website, it can be seen from both desktop and mobile devices easily. Mobile viewership can be retained with the process too.

Low on cost and maintenance

Cost of maintaining a responsive design based website is certainly lower than having two websites without any doubt. However, it may be little bit expensive during creation of the website. For the set up of website, you may need to spend lesser time as well.

On the occasion, you can invest the extra time into other importance features of your business. Location based offers can be provided to increase the traffic also.

Improved User Experience

One of the best benefits of responsive designing is quality user experience. In case of an unresponsive website, the user may end up with a distorted version of your website which is never a great feeling. Jumbled up text may be observed with the mobile version whereas it seems perfectly fine with the desktop. For the users, it may be a pain to scroll through your website on the occasion. Due to this experience, the user may not come back to your website ever. To eliminate the chances of offending the user, you must use responsive design for website.

Screen Adaptability

Responsive design can help you to stand ahead of your competition. Based on the devices, screen may adapt itself automatically. Issues may not be seen with newer devices like IoT devices and smart watches also.

SEO Friendly

If you have a website with responsive design then high rank in the search engine result page can be ensured. High quality content can increase its benefits further.

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