What is Quality Score and Why Google utilizes it

Through automated bidding, solid performance is being delivered for the advertisers consistently. There is not any need to use CPC bid any more with every keyword. Ultimate goal is attained with the help of machine learning. However, it is also leading people towards a hands-off campaign management. Still, it may be advantageous to know the details related to the system.

Money can be saved if you go with hand-in-hand alongside automation. In addition, better results can be achieved also in comparison to completely automated service. It is possible to observe various levers to optimize the automated service. By using quality score, exposure of the ads can be increased. Same time, cost the campaign can be decreased as well.

Now, it is important to know how quality score helps to decrease the cost.

Hundreds of advertisers have been trying to gain the top rank while using the same keyword. Same tools are being utilized for the automated bids as well. So, how search decide upon the top rankers?

On this occasion, quality score becomes handy. Influence from the advertisers can be seen also as they may able to control the other factors that may be related to the bid.

Here, you may question why Google has been using the QS and how it is calculated. Now, let’s look at some answers.

Quality Score

Relevance of a keyword is measured by Google in relation to the data that has been utilized for past auctions for ads.

If Google manages to accumulate enough data then account of the advertiser may be assigned quality score between 1 and 10. Here, ‘10’ is considered as the best quality score. In case, there is not enough data then QS may be 0 or null.

Relevance of a keyword is aggregated that may have been used for various auctions. Generally, guidance is offered to the advertiser through the score instead of ranking ads. To rank ads every time, use of auction time QS is seen mostly.

From the number, advertiser may able to know whether they are good or not. It is essential if right keywords and good ad content have been chosen or not. Real time QS is more important here.

More granular result is seen with the auction time quality score. However, the score may not be shared with the advertisers as it changes constantly. Difference may be noticed with every single search on Google. Context of the search may be important too such as location, time of the day, search items and its connection with the keyword.
There are two types of automated bidding. One of them is called automated and other one is called ‘smart’. In case of smart bidding, different bids can be noticed with every auction. Target of the advertiser can be targeted in better on the occasion.

Reasons to use quality Score by Google

Google wants to feature more relevant ads to the user every time. Revenue from the advertisement plays a huge role for Google. If a user manages to find advertisement then an incentive can be earned by Google as well.

CPC model is used for Google ad auction. Therefore, money is earned by Google every time an ad is being clicked.

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