What is On-Page SEO?

Search engine algorithm is constantly modified and updated by Google. It is better not to oversimplify things. One dimension must be focused upon at a time only. Through SEO strategy, both off-page and on-page SEO requirements must be addressed. Ins and outs of marketing must be understood properly in order to retune the website strategy.

In the beginning, you must look at the search engine optimization tactics. Keywords must be used with the page copy as well as title. Meta description should be optimized as well. HTML code and alt tags must be utilized properly.
Every possible measure must be taken in order to improve the search engine result page ranking. Due to use of on-page SEO, it becomes easier for the bot to learn and interpret the page. Sometimes, quality of content, structure of content and page performance is taken into consideration also.

Factors of On-page SEO


Content must be looked as the most important thing on the website. Optimization can be done with the keywords, descriptions and internal linking as well. In case content on the page is not up to the mark then customers may not visit your website at all.


Keywords may not be as important as it has been before. However, keyword optimization is still an essential part of SEO. Now-a-days, more focus is given on the long-tail keywords. As per as the search pattern is concerned, long tail keywords are more apt for attracting the customer. Looking at your target customer, you must try to know what they have been searching for. Later on, content must be created with the keywords and optimized at the same time.

Web page title is considered as the title tag. It is also used as the main heading within the SERP. As an important on-page SEO element, the title tag should be kept within 65 characters.

Meta Descriptions

Meta description is generally seen with the URL on the search engine result page. It can be looked as a short description regarding content of the page. In this way, a page can stand out in the SERP. Meta descriptions should be kept under 155 characters always.

Alt text is a phrase or text that is used with the picture file. In this way, the picture is indexed. Search engine can understand about the picture as they cannot make sense of the image otherwise.


Importance must be given on the page security too. Trust and more visibility can be earned through use of SSL security technology. By using SSL, it is ensured that a third party is not present in between the web server and customer. In the way, information shared on the website stays safe. By Google, site with SSL encryption is promoted.

Internal linking

By linking one page with another relevant webpage within the website, it is made easier for the search engine to crawl. Engagement from visitor can be improved also.

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