What is Anchor Text and Its Importance

Through link building process, search engine ranking can be improved. However, it is important to select a word or phrase that is apt for the brand for linking. These words are often referred as anchor text. By Google, lot of attention is given to the anchor text that you realize.

Previously, benefits of search engine optimization can be taken with the assistance from keywords with anchors. However, Google has been giving more importance to the particular text that has been utilized for linking now. In addition, it is also seen how many times the word has been utilized. Surrounding text plays an important role as well.

Technical details related to the anchor text are definitely complicated. However, basics are not difficult at all. It is important to optimize. However, you must not go overboard on the occasion. By fine tuning, you may able to get good results.

Why Anchor Text is Important?

Lots of details are associated with the SEO. Anchor text is certainly one of them. Through anchor, you can go from a website to another. Using the anchors, webpages are usually linked. Download can be initiated with the method too. Therefore, it is better to click on the links on the site that you trust only. Otherwise, you can hover through the link to know whether it is legitimate or not.

• By hovering around on the word or phrase, reader may able to know where it has been linked too. Therefore, relevance of the anchor text cannot be ignored.

• Google algorithm may able to know about the website through anchor text. Looking at the anchor choice, Google may decide whether the website is associated with the spammy activity or not. Topic linked with the text is better understood also.

Know more about Anchor Text HTML

Anchor Text HTML is simple to use. It is a kind of a code that can be easily learned in schools. In case of WordPress, change in the link can be observed in the visual editor with a mere click. If you look at the front end, only anchor text can be seen.

Relationship between Anchor Text and Backlinks

Both follow and nofollow can be noticed with the anchor text. There is subtle difference between the both when it comes to search engine optimization.

No Follow:

Here backlink is not taken into consideration to decide about the SEO value. However, Google is considering nofollow link as a hint from March 2020 to decide upon the position of the website within the search engine. There can be either sponsored or user generated content.

Follow Link: On the occasion, credit is given to the page to which it has been linking too during scanning of links

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