Websites and Privacy Laws

For website developers, it is important to look at the Section 508 and ADA regulations while creating a site. Privacy laws have a role to play on the occasion too. Decision has to be made regarding build of privacy within the website through architecture.

Job of the web developers is to build a site that is attractive and functional at the same time. Same guidelines are followed for the creation of apps as well. By maintaining close relationship with the content writers, vendors, clients and other professionals, everything is done with perfection. However, developers are the professional that keep things together.

Therefore, it is essential for a web developer to be proficient with the marketing privacy. Regulations usually create an impact on the results. So, how a web developer usually build a site that honors privacy of the users as well as requirement of the clients?

Importance of Privacy Laws for the Web Developers

Couple of privacy laws has to be kept in the mind if a web developer is creating a website. They must be aware of General Data Protection Regulations and California Consumer Privacy Act. Different provisions and scopes are generally observed with these laws. Right of an individual when it comes to private data and mechanism is protected and imposed perfectly. For diverse countries, different rules and regulations related to privacy laws can be observed.

If any of these regulations are violated then fines and legal measures can be taken. It is possible to observe a trend among the clients to create site that priorities security and privacy.

Most of the users are concerned about privacy of their personal data. They are worried about the collection of data by the companies about them unknowingly. In addition, users are also not completely aware of these privacy laws.

How these laws are implemented by developers?

Based on GDPR, web developers have to take care of Privacy by Design framework. Methodology with multiple points can be noticed on the occasion. Privacy building process should not be done at the end part of website creation. From the beginning, issue of user’s privacy must be kept in the mind. Following things must be done to ensure privacy of the user.

• Data collection should be minimized in addition pseudonym can be used for data protection.
• Consent must be asked
• Security measures must be integrated for the protection of data.
• It is important to know when the privacy must be introduced and notices regarding data sharing is offered
• Transparency can be offered with in-time notices
• Users must be given right to manage private data

Data Mining

In GDPR, principles of data mining have been embedded. It can be looked as a straight forward concept. It is important to limit the data collection. It is better to secure information that is required for the process only. It is better to delete the data when it may not be required anymore

Through cookies, forms and others things, necessary information must be collected only. In case you are collecting email address through pop-up then it is better not to ask for location.

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