Web Prediction for 2021

Priorities must be considered at the very beginning of the year always. It is important to take new approaches also. However, the year 2021 can be looked as a reset year than it has been predicted earlier. 2020 may not be recorded as a good year by anyone in the world. Still, there are some positive. Background for a rapid change has been set in place that may be seen in the coming 12 months.

2021 is expected to be a revolutionary time that may set the trend for the new decade.

Minimalism may come to an end

In the last decade, minimalism has been the way to go as far as web designing is concerned. It has worked really great for the benefit of the business owners as well as the customers. Clean and fresh look is given to the website through the minimalist design. However, it is becoming a little boring and dull over the time gradually. For some time now, people have been trying to break out from the minimalist design. Pandemic may help to end the trend at last.

Prior to the pandemic, people have started to open up to a more vibrant and colorful web designs which may continue in coming years also. Joyful approach may be taken with the design that is decorative at the same time. Popularity of fake 3D effects and ink traps has been increasing now-a-days.

One of the benefits of leaving the minimalist design is getting rid of the flat colour and design style. Now, multi-color gradient and animated gradient may take the centre stage. By Apple also, white box approach is eliminated. They have been also utilizing the gradient through Big Slur Branding.

However, COVID-19 has certainly decreased the adoption of new web technology. It is especially noticed with the CSS. Major development has not been seen on this front at all. CSS Grid can be looked as a practical technology.
Popularity of minimalism is decreasing. However, you must not forget the fact that trend is cyclical. Therefore, the wheel may turn around once again.

Declining of WordPress

By World Wide Web Consortium or W3C, new web presence has been announced. In the list, mention of WordPress has not seen even. Migration is made to Craft CMS from WordPress as it is more accessible. Some people have been happy and some have been unhappy about this new development. However, it is clear that the WordPress is declining and losing its popularity.

Triple threat has been faced by WordPress on the occasion. For a low-end job, WordPress may be appropriate. However, Craft has managed to outperform it when it comes to the effectiveness of a CMS. Therefore, lot of interest can be seen in alternatives such as Jamstack.

Now, the question is whether WordPress will be shown the door. Here, it can be said that some web designers may continue to use the WordPress. However, some may try to experiment with the alternative options also.

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