Web Design Trends to Follow in 2021

2020 has been difficult for everyone around the world. It has been a year when we have bought tons of hand sanitizers and obliged to conclude an important meeting through Zoom calls. It is possible to observe a certain level of anxiety in everyone. Most of the people have been quite disturbed due to circumstances. However, people have been trying to move forward at the same time. Businesses have been running low as well. Through web designing, a new look can be offered to the website in order to renew interest of the customer about your brand.

According to the experts, following web designing trends are going to rule in 2021. Therefore, you can incorporate them into your website to take its advantage.

Retro Fonts

Some old things are resurfacing once again and it is considered to be cool. However, these things may disappear in some time also.

In case of web designing, retro fonts have been following the same trajectory. Various designs of vintage typography are not popular anymore. However, throwback typography has made a comeback. Instead of tired fonts, it is possible to observe stylization of retro fonts.

During carnival promotion of Spotify, old and new designs have been merged together. As a result, it may not seem cliché at all. Traditional fonts have been brought back to life with little bit experimentation. Cool and modern twists are being given to the old fonts.

By looking at these designs, you may get a feeling of retro-futurism. Through typography, old is remembered. However, connection with the present and future has been maintained also.

So, in 2021 you may able to see more re imagining of creative typography.

Parallax Scroll Animations

Parallax scrolling is loved by almost everybody. Through use of different element based on the speed, an interesting dimension can be created. Basic layout may able to attract the eyes with parallax scroll animation.

Complex effect can be implemented also while touching different objects. In spite of multiplex effects, user friendly design can be presented. User experience of dynamic nature can be offered in the process too.

Parallax scrolling has reached its peak. However, it may not fall off the radar any time soon as web designers are constantly using creative ways to make it unique and beautiful. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what’s more web designers can do with the parallax scrolling.

3D Visuals

Due to screens with higher resolution, 3D designs have gone through a significant change. From being an unpolished element, it has become one of the most sophisticated one now-a-days. 3D visuals have been mixed with the web designs seamlessly. Instead of creating distractions, overall experience can be enhanced with the 3D visuals. Even with a minimalist layout, 3D can create an impact.

Something like hero animation can be added to the website. Colorful website can be created too with drop shadow, shapes and layered elements and gradient with three dimensions also.

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