Video Marketing Trend for 2021

Marketing from five years back is quite different than today. Pandemic has also played a big role on the occasion. However, we have been heading towards these trends for quite sometimes now. COVID-19 has put a fast forward button on these trends. Mental health of a person is affected due to social distancing, quarantining and other measures. Therefore, it has changed the way on how we interact with the brand and show when we buy a product or service.
In simple language, society has been

Looking forward for more interaction with the brands
Ethics and trust on the brand is taken into consideration.
Small business and sustainability is given more focus

Ensuring an intimate connection between the brand and consumer with video content

According to The Edelman Trust Barometer, trusting a brand is more important now.
Through use of video content, brand has an opportunity to communicate with the customers. In this time of social distancing, it may be the best possible way to send your message across. Due to this reason, 10% marketers have been releasing video content now-a-days.

Real Stories and Content to enhance audience engagement

Consumers are often interested to know about the people that are working behind the brand continuously. On the occasion, CEO can talk about the root of the brand. Content can be created in order to show how a product is developed and distributed. CX team can answer the queries of the customers also to create a transparent look.
By using the Instagram stories, video shorts and reels, story of the brand can be highlighted. It is better to be consistent with these videos. As a result, you may be easily noticed by the brand also.
Instead of fluff, consumers are interested to see the real stuff now. It is better not to make a sales pitch or a gimmicky campaign. Consumer may like you to connect on a personal level.

Transform a list to a visual graphics

By using visual graphics instead of a list, relevant information can be given out to the customers more easily. Visuals are processed by the brain more easily in comparison to the text. Through increase in the amount of time spent with your content, engagement level can be improved also. Video content can be reused for blogs also.

Optimize the brand visual

Using visual concepts, graphs and data, brand can strengthen their authority over a particular niche. Chances of attracting citations and links can be enhanced too. In case every image is uploaded and optimized with alt tag then it can be indexed by Google in the search. On the occasion, other publisher may like to use as a link also

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