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By Google, a Help page on Advanced SEO has been published that talks about how search operators can be utilized for debugging a website. Search result of Google search operator is not connected with the regular ranking algorithm. Use of limited index can be seen on the occasion. However, it may not be up to date.

In spite of these limitations, useful information can be offered by search operator in connection to the search engine optimization. Search operators are always useful as they are more aware of the website.

Statement on the new documentation regarding data limitation reads “Because search operators are bound by indexing and retrieval limits, the URL Inspection tool in Search Console is more reliable for debugging purposes.”

Interesting information about the website can be found through the search operators also.

Site: Search Operator

Sample page is shown to Google by the search operator. On the occasion, all the pages may not be included. By Google, it is made clear that search operators are “are bound by indexing and retrieval limits.”

Regular ranking algorithm is not shown through the site search. Sample pages are only indexed. Random quality can be noticed with all the search operators. Therefore, it may be hard to rely on them in terms of completeness. It I true especially while finding out the factors related to algorithm.

Site: search can be utilized to find out specific keywords. However, it must be understood also that some pages may be missing on the occasion.

Through the new Google support page, it is said “Find search results from a particular domain, URL, or URL prefix. For example:


Cache: Search Operator

Web page cache is shown by cache: search operator. Copy of a page is showcased to which the bot has last crawled. In this way, you may able to know whether the website has been hacked or presenting different that it has been intended.
However, there has been warning from the Google support page for the cache search operator and it is
“The actual cached version might look incomplete or even empty in certain cases.

This might be because JavaScript operations on your page that are responsible for creating the actual layout of the page were blocked by your browser’s same-origin policies.

This is normal and not something that has to be fixed. To see if a JavaScript operation was blocked by the browser, look for errors in your browser’s developer console.”

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