Types of Earned Media

More than 60% people have been using Adblocker tool now while web surfing. People do not like to see advertisement whenever they open a page. High quality and engaging content is craved. Due to nature of the content, it may be shared more. People may talk about it in the social media also. In this way, a good search engine strategy can be built also.
Most of the people have said that they believed on the recommendation of the family and friends more. Therefore, likes and shares on the social media may able to endorse a product quite easily.
Through use of paid, attention of the people can be grabbed almost instantly. Sometimes, conversion can be seen also. On the other hand, earned media can be looked as a long time strategy that may offer you big payout.
Different types of earned media can be found. Now, you have to see which one are the best your products or services.
Now, you must learn about paid, earned and owned media at the very beginning. Before entering in the world of digital marketing, it is always better to know about these things.

Types of Media

Paid Media

As it is said, it is kind of media or content that is used to promote drive traffic, awareness and conversion. In addition, it may help to create a brand name also.
Followings are examples of paid media
Search engine marketing (SEM).
Display Ads
Social media advertising (social PPC).
Radio ads.
Video ads.
Advertorials and sponsored content.
Podcast ads.

Owned Media

If a brand is putting up content on their own property such as website then it will be called owned media. Examples are:

Direct mail.
Social media profiles.

Earned Media

Diverse types of earned media can be observed. It is something that may not be easy to accomplish at all. However, lots of opportunities can be created by the media. It generally has a long tern effect also. Examples:
Blogger may write about your product on their own platform
Video may be posted on the social media
Mention of the brand in the press
Customer reviews on the Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp and various other platforms.
Word of mouth can play a big role on the occasion too. However, it is type of media that can be owned and paid also.

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