Tips for Live Logo Design

Moving image always tend to grab more attention than still ones. Excitement can be created through use of motion. In addition, lot of information can be offered in a short space as well. Companies have been experimenting with the motion for some time now. Both motion and animation are excellent method of designing. It is quite natural to see website background with animation and live videos. It is possible to use product pages with 360 degree picture that helps to offer an immersive AR experience to the customers. Now, the question is why motion has not become a part of logo design yet?
Few websites can be seen with animated logo. However, they have not managed to create a long lasting impact like animated website. One of the reasons behind lesser impact of animation logo can be lack of right tool to enhance beauty of the live logo.

Understanding ‘Live Logo’

Live logo can be utilized as a powerful tool as it may able to identify with the strategy of the brand. Logo helps creates identity of the company. However, there can be more to the company’s identity also. Through use of powerful logo, it is possible to create a connection with the customer. As a result, your brand may able to thrive in better manner virtually. Live logo and animated logo bring more attention to the brand. On the occasion, customers may concentrate on the action of the logo. Through these logos, story of the brand can be expressed in a creative manner also.
However, level of animation may depend on the designer. It can be a brief video presentation or couple of simple moves. Skype logo is simple. However, designers have used it with great effect.
Lots of tools are available now that can help to create animated graphics of immersive nature. In the future, animated graphics may become more effective.

Logo Animation Types

Now, it is also important to know about the types of logo animation. Diverse styles of animation are available. Based on the kind of impact you want to create, logo animation types must be chosen. Selection of the animation type is often related to the business.

Option for the animation

Rotation: Stand out emblem can be created that may move on the sides or it may rotate on its axis also. Through use of rotation, 3D sense can be offered.

Disappearance and Appearance: One by one pixel can be shown to create the logo. Similarly, it may disappear also.

Transformation: From the beginning of the live logo, there is no need to maintain same logo shape. From the seed, a growth of a tree can be showcased as a logo. It can be used as a logo for gardening or an agricultural based company.

Replacement: Through replacement of graphic, brand story can be told also to create an impactful experience.

Set Goals
If you are not sure about the animation types for the live logo then more importance can be given on the solid goals. Depending on the goal, logo choices can be made. Both modern and dynamic animated logo can be utilized on the occasion.

Be Different: By using an animated live logo, a brand can become unique. It may able to set you apart from others in the market.

Storytelling: Brand activity can be told through a logo.

Brand Awareness: Live logo is an excellent way to create brand identity and awareness.

Memorability: Due to use of animated logo, you may become more memorable.

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