Tips for improving website typography

Typography is an important element of a website. Large impact can be observed on the user experience and brand. Therefore, it is better to change the typography with new font, measures and other things.
By making some simple changes in the typography quickly, target can be achieved without wasting too much money or time.

1. Enhancing Color Contrast

Text is often utilized as a block of visual designing. Relationship of the designer with the text is pretty different from a user. By a designer, a text is considered to be a shape. However, it is generally read by the user thoroughly. Therefore, designer may not understand the importance of contrast with the text.

Light grey text may look beautiful aesthetically. However, it may be useless as far as functionality. For the text, it may be important to meet the WCAG AA standard in case of desktop and WCAG AAA standards with mobile. Larger text certainly has more leeway.

For the purpose of contrast, text must be tested thoroughly. Over a white background, it is better not to use lighter than #595959 with an 18px text.

2. Header Spacing must be tightened

Most of the typefaces are generally utilized for body text. On the occasion, running text with larger boxes can be observed. Multiple long lines can be noticed. Due to this reason, spaces are seen with the fonts.

In case of header, shorter text can be noticed relatively. As a result, more white space can be seen around them. It can be seen above as well as below. If there is additional white space then a negative impact can be seen as the letters are apart from each other.

In order to make it appear perfectly, word spacing or letter spacing for heading spacing can be between 1% and 5%.

3. Relaxed Non-Word Spacing

While reading a text, letter may not be spelled out individually. Shape of the word is generally recognized. Group shapes may be important on the occasion also. Micro-typography does not like to disrupt these shapes. However, formation of individual character must be prevented some time.

Relaxed letter spacing method can be utilized for the tracking codes, serial number and tabular data especially.

4. Using system fonts as inputs

Privacy is a major concern now. Therefore, designers must do everything in their power to ensure that the user’s data is secured. Positive UX of the website can be increased in the process too.

HTML inputs can be styled to utilize it as a system font. By the OS, default font is set for accessing a site. System fonts can enable the user to feel an ownership over the data. Trust can be built in this way. Conversion rate can be increased also.

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