Three Updates from YouTube for the content creators

For both mobile and desktops, three updates have been rolled out by YouTube recently. Due to this update, creators may able to stay informed about the important data that are essential to the channel’s growth.

The Updates

• Improvement on the real time card

• Channel mentions through an inbox

• Hashtag auto complete suggestions

1. Improvement on the real time card

In Android and iOS of YouTube Studio, improvement is being made on the realtime cards. Up-to-date data that is important for the channel is showcased through the cards. Video views and subscriber counts can be seen in almost real time.

Both the in the channel level and video level, realtime cards are being improved. Engagement data and reach of the video can be improved with the process. Dedicated tabs have been created.

Previously, cards are displayed as a part of basic overview of the data. It can be looked as an effort to ensure feature parity in YouTube Studio version of desktop and mobile.

2. Inbox Mentions

Creator can access a mentions inbox within YouTube Studio now. Through the inbox, you may able to know where else your channel name has been mentioned within the platform of YouTube.

In case your channel has been tagged within another video’s comment section then you may able to know about it immediately. By replying to these mentions, you may able to attract more visitors to your video.

To find mentions inbox, you should look into the area where you can access the viewer comments within YouTube Studio. Through a new tab, you may able to toggle between mentions inbox and comments inbox. It is a feature that can be accessed through desktop mode only.

3. Hashtag Autocomplete Suggestions

From the month of January, YouTube has launched the feature of searchable hashtags.

It seems that the creators have been looking for more guidance on how you can use them. In response to the queries of creators, YouTube has introduced hashtag autocomplete suggestion. Due to this feature, creators can be suggested popular hashtags. The feature is quite similar to hashtag suggestions in the platform like Instagram and Twitter. As you start typing the hashtag, YouTube may showcase the relevant ones. In addition, information may be given on how many channels have been using the hashtag already. In both desktop and mobile, the feature is available for use.

Dark mode in Desktop

Creators are reminded that the dark mode is available for use with YouTube Studio on desktop.

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