Things to know about Keyword Research

For search engine optimization, use of keyword is seen quite often. Therefore, keyword research plays an important part on the occasion also. If everything is done in a proper manner then it may help you to get increased amount of traffic. Through this article, you may able to know what is keyword and importance of it.
Through use of keyword, a connection between search engine and website is established. Keyword generally helps the search engine to decide about the genre of your website. Importance of the certain terms searched by the user plays an essential role here also. Relevance of a term and phase is considered as well. Website database is placed under particular topics and tags to ensure faster result.
If you have a strong keyword in your website then your chances of obtaining a place within the first page of search engine result can increase also. Therefore, choice of right keyword plays an integral part. It is possible to observe hundreds of options with the keywords. Now, how can you decide about the keyword for your website that is needed to be optimized?

Keyword Research

Keyword with high search volume must be chosen. However, there must lower competition with these keywords at the same time. In this way, you may not have to compete with the large conglomerates.

Tips for Keyword Optimization

For optimizing your website with the keyword, you may want to use the keyword as many times as possible. However, it is not the right way to go about. Sometime back, the strategy of stuffing keyword in to an article may have worked. However, it is not effective now.
Keywords must be used within the website or an article as naturally as possible. However, keywords must be placed in particular places in most cases to take advantage of it.
• Keywords must be present in the title tag
• Meta Description should come with the keywords.
• Include keywords in the first 50 to 100 words of your content
Following things can be done also to optimize your keyword
• Include keyword in image alt tag
• Page URL must have the keyword
• Keyword must be present in the subheading once at least
• Inside the content, it should be placed 2 to 3 times naturally.

Keyword Types

1. Generic Keywords

Generic keyword is also known as short tail keyword. It can be consisted of one or couple of words. It is a type of keyword that comes with lot of competition. Therefore, you must try to stay away from them as much as possible. Search intent is hard to decipher also. Conversion rate may be low as a result.

2. Brand Keywords

Brand keywords are usually self explanatory in nature. On the occasion, search intent may not be known also.

3. Broad Keywords

Promising result can be noticed with the broad keyword. Traffic and conversion rate may be good on the occasion too. Lesser competition can be observed with these kinds of keywords generally. Keywords can be interpreted in several manners.

4. Exact Keywords

In case, the searcher knows what he is looking for particularly then these keywords are considered to be helpful. If you optimize with these keywords then conversion rate is generally higher also. However, lot of competition can be observed.

5. Long Tail Keywords

Best results can be obtained with the long tail keywords. Therefore, you must focus on them. Search volume is lower on the occasion. Therefore, competition may be less also. However, it comes with high conversion rate. Long tail keyword creates a balance of conversion, competition and also traffic.

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