Stats reports shows more crawl from Google now

Update can be seen with the new Google crawl stats report. It has been observed that additional types have been added to the list of crawling by Google and it is being reported through the crawl stat report also. Due to this reason, an increase can be noticed with the crawl report for a website. However, it is mere a reporting alternation. Search result may not be affected in the process.

Through the new crawl report that has been published in November 2020, you may able to see the crawling history of the website. Reports have shown more numbers of crawls. Experts are still not clear about additional types of crawls that have been added to the list? Googlebot types may be referred on the occasion in addition to the Google Ads, Imagebot and some others. As a result, a jump can be noticed with the number of crawls on the site definitely.

If an increase in the crawl rate is noticed with the website then there is nothing to be alarmed. It simply means that more number of crawls have been added to the site by Google. However, it may not mean that Google is crawling on the site more often. Instead, they have been reporting on more types of crawl that has been received by the website

Performance Report of Google News added to the Search Console

From the Google Search Console, it is possible know how the new site has performed within the periphery of Google News or Google News App. Dedicated performance is being offered by Google for the Google News Publishers especially. Through left sidebar, the report can be seen now from the section called Performance now. It is true for any site that may appear in the Google News.

Google News Performance Report – What it is

By looking at the report, you may able to find about impressions, clicks and also CTRs regarding performance within Google News from the platform Google News App and iOS have been offering the same benefit as well.
Due to introduction of this report, publishers can be helped according to Google. It may able to tell about the numbers of the times an article has appeared on the Google News. It can also tell you what kind of article is doing well in addition to behavioral pattern based on countries.

Traffic can be divided based on the country, page, data and devices. Reports can be filtered as well according to the date and different other metrics too.

However, the report may not include News tab within the Google Search. It is generally covered through the search performance report.

Rolling out of this report has been happening slowly. Therefore, there is no need to panic yet if such report has not arrived yet.

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