Simple Strategies to use for Content Marketing

For both established brands and startups, it is important to think about content marketing. Most of the CMOs have been advocating for this trend. Simple reasoning can be noticed behind it also.

Previously, several startup owners have acknowledged the fact that their sales has increased after promotion through platforms like Business Insider and Techcrunch. Here are some simple strategies of content marketing that can take your business to the next level.

1. Be Short

Content team may be proud of its detailed articles in long form. However, most of the customers may prefer short articles. Research has suggested that people likes to read an article that is 1000 words or less in word count. Through another report, we have come to know, people may not like to spend more than 15 seconds on an article. Therefore, you need to grab the attention of the readers within this short span of time.

2. Include Visuals

Quality visuals with the article are generally preferred by the people. For this reason, infographics, videos and quality visuals must be made a part of the article. Opening an article, if you see a sea of words then it may seem dull. However, an image can make it look better visually. Through use of visuals, search engine optimization can be done also.

3. Light Content

For a content writer, formal content is always great. However, the reader may be interested in a formal content that has been written in rather light and fun way. Making the paragraph short, you can include some informal words to make it more enjoyable. As a result, the content may become a good read. In addition, it may be shared more also.

4. Optimize the Content

While writing content, you must remember about the target audience as well as search engine. Content is generally found by a reader through search within the search engines. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the content has been optimized for all the possible search engines. Specific keywords can be included within the article also to get a high rank in the search engine result page. Keywords must be present in the both body and title of the article. Visuals must be attributed on the occasion too.

5. Try to create a viral content

Content should not be same. Some of the content may not be made to go viral. However, it is important that some of the content must go viral also. Therefore, you must try to create such content. In the last few years, incidents have been seen that product sales have gone from nothing to millions in no time due to a viral content.

6. Use social media to reach your audience

Most of the content writers think that blogs are the only way to reach the audience. However, it is not true at all. It is better to go to a platform where most of your target audience is present. Therefore, social media can be a great location for content marketing. Facebook, Snapchat and Tik Tok can be utilized to extend your base of audience.

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