SEO value of embedded video and uploaded content is the same

As far as SEO is concerned, embedded videos and natively uploaded videos within a website come with the same value. During SEO Office Hours on Google Search Central, RealClicks SEO manager Saidul Hoque has asked about the perception of Google regarding embedded videos and self hosted videos.
Giving answer to this question, John Mueller from Google has said that things are pretty straightforward. However, clashes may be seen with the beliefs regarding both types of videos. Later on, Mueller has also explained how video results within the search engine are done.

Video SEO

So, now the question is whether it is better to host a video instead of embedding a video from another source or not. By the search engine Google, both types of videos are treated in the same manner.
In case, a video is hosted by a site then it is mostly offered from another CDN or content delivery network. Technically, it may be a separate website. However, it is not dissimilar from the embedded video.
Main concern is to index the content properly. User satisfaction with the content must be ensured in the process also. Satisfying both the aspects, it is possible to pass in flying colors in the eyes of Google.
Separate CDN is generally noticed for the videos. Therefore, content and videos are considered to be from different site. If the user is happy and satisfied with them then it is fine. Content must be available for indexing easily always.

Opposing to the belief

Popular belief has been noticed that own video hosting is preferred by Google. It enables to showcase the website on the search page as the video is searched. If a video is embedded from YouTube on your website then YouTube may show your website as the content source also.
By Google either landing page of the YouTube is returned or webpage with the embedded video is showcased.
In case more information is present in the website with the embedded video then it may be preferred by Google than YouTube video. For the searcher, site with the embedded code may be more useful also.
If landing page of YouTube has more signals for ranking along with relevant information then the YouTube video may be shown through the search.

It is possible to observe that YouTube page is served more than embedded video website. However, it is not an automatic scenario.
Due to presence of YouTube video, you may able to have two landing page. It can be seen with the YouTube as well as landing page on the site. It is important to know which page contains more information to take benefit from the situation.

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